General Information

The Kids Klub was created to help YOU with your children’s school day, while you work!

KIDS Klub Season: Mon January 7th, 2019 – Fri June 28th, 2019

Here Are 6 Ways We Can Help:

  • We will pick up your kids from school
  • We will take great care of your kids after school with highly structured, ACTIVE programs and a LOW 9:1 ratio
  • We will provide healthy/Peanut free snacks, art, homework and/or daily reading
  • We will provide much more than the daily physical activity your child needs to be happy & healthy.
  • We will teach your children skills in gymnastics, trampoline, tumbling, fitness, conditioning and more!
  • We will enforce teamwork, good values, proper manners, conflict resolution, respect, kindness, communication and leadership skills.

How the Kids Klub Program Works

Ages 4-12yrs

Kids Klub – With Transportation

At the end of the day, when the school bell rings, you child will be picked up from their school in one of our vehicles. Our friendly, experienced drivers, are hired for their personality and excellent driving record.

No sitting or waiting long periods on a bus! KIDS Klub are then transported to the gym, where caring staff greet the children and begin activities right away.

KIDS KLUB – Without Transportation

If your child does not need transportation after school you can drop them off at the gym from 4-6pm daily. They will be included in the best group for them to join in all the learning and fun!

Full School Year Program

KIDS KLUB is a full year program (September to June) with or without transportation. For those beginning in January your fees will be pro-rated. If you want to switch from another afterschool program and need to pay a
cancelation fee, simply provide proof and we will deduct this amount from your first monthly fee!


Skills are taught using safe, logical progressions. Our curriculum revolves around lesson plans incorporated into all classes taught in the gym. KIDS are required to bring gym clothes and participate fully, everyday. We will evaluate your child 2x per season in gymnastics based on the Canada wide CANGYM system.

KIDS KLUB will be active in

  • Gymnastics
  • Trampoline
  • Tumbling
  • Fitness
  • Conditioning
  • Snack time (provided by us)
  • Activities
  • Homework
  • Reading
  • Art

Benefits for Parents & Kids

  • Healthy, happy, tired kids at the end of the day!!
  • Less worry for parents while at work
  • Guilt free – kids are not stuck at school, after the bell rings
  • Activities done for the day – stay home and enjoy your evening
  • Convenient late pick up 6:00pm
  • Low 9:1 ratio for increased safety and structure
  • Kids learn new skills
  • Kids learn great values & get fit
  • Kids learn respect & responsibility

Tuition & School Information

Your childs school must be within a 10 km radius (we accept children from schools within York Region)

Kids Klub 2019 Term
Mon January 7th, 2019 – Fri June 28th, 2019

Registration is accepted in person or via email on a first come first serve basis.


HST: Is included in all fees

Payment Options:

  • 1 Payment (non refundable) – credit card or debit due at registration
  • Monthly – Pre-Authorized Debit/Credit Payment Plan OR post dated chqs dated for the first of the month.
  • Sibling Discount: 10% discount on second & third child

Monthly Fee Schedule for Kids attending 5 days per week:

PA Day Camp:
High Flyers follows the York Region Public & Catholic school boards for PA Days. On PA Days we offer camp, which runs from 7:00am – 6:00pm. For Kids who attend 5 days you’ll receive a special price of $35 per child. Snacks included, please provide your child with a peanut free lunch and a bottle of water.

Kids Klub Registration Form

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • (Office Use Only)
    1st payment is non-refundable – please provide debit/visa, credit card or post dated chqs.
  • I authorize High Flyers Gymnastics Club to process my child’s monthly fees with the above mentioned credit card on the first day of each month:
  • Additional Information


  • Terms of use for HIGH FLYERS GYMNASTICS Inc.

    * I understand and agree that HIGH FLYERS GYMNASTICS Inc. has tried to create a safe and controlled environment for safe participation and that it has established rules for participation on and about the gymnastics area that must be followed by the participant. * I understand and agree that failure to comply with any such rules may result in removal from the gym. HIGH FLYERS GYMNASTICS Inc. reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to remove a participant from the gym and/or property for the failure to adhere to any rule without refund or other recourse accruing to such participant. * I understand and agree to abide by all "Gym Rules" including (but not limited to) those described below: 1. The Supervising Coach IS in charge and has full authority over all participants. 2. NO HORSEPLAY ALLOWED. The Supervising Coach has the authority to refuse or expel anyone. 3. All accidents/incidents must be reported to the Supervising Coach. 4. All equipment must be returned to its original place by the user. 5. One at a time on the trampoline. No flips or “head-first” or prone entries into the pit (no head or prone falls). “Feet-first” ONLY. 6. Any skill which is unfamiliar to a person cannot be performed. 7. No dress shoes, boots or dirty runners allowed on the gym floor. No socks on beam. 8. No smoking or alcohol is allowed. Anybody appearing to be impaired will be immediately expelled. 9. No jewelry allowed (long earrings, bracelets, rings, watches). 10. No shouting, swearing or rude language. 11. Long hair must be tied back. 12. No jeans or ripped pieces of clothing allowed. 13. No gum, candy, food or drink allowed past the viewing area. 14. When and if required, the Supervising Coach will implement the Emergency Policy and Procedures. 15. No loose objects allowed on trampoline (i.e balls, hoops etc…) 16. Swinging on rings is NOT allowed. 17. Rope climbing can be done only if a crash mat is placed under the rope. 18. Use of the equipment is strictly forbidden without the proper supervision of a qualified HIGH FLYERS GYMNASTICS Inc. coach. * I understand and agree that I, and my child, must abide by any additional “Gym Rules” which may be posted in the gym, dictated, published and/or circulated from time to time. * I acknowledge that gymnastics and other activities offered at HIGH FLYERS GYMNASTICS Inc., may involve a certain element of risk, which may result in bodily injury (including the risk of severe or fatal injury) to myself or my child/ward. * I also acknowledge that gymnastics may require the Coach to perform some manual spotting which involves direct physical contact and is designed to assist the participant in the safe performance of the program skills. * I understand that HIGH FLYERS GYMNASTICS Inc will provide a full refund for cancellation up to 2 week of the registered week/s. High Flyers Gymnastics will not provide a refund when cancelled within 2 weeks or within same week of registered camp possibly a credit note may be given. * I confirm that I, or my child, am/is fit to participate in gymnastics and I am unaware of any physical or mental condition or impediment, which would prevent or hinder myself or my child from participating safely in the programs at HIGH FLYERS GYMNASTICS Inc. * I confirm that I have accurately reported and disclosed any medical information (physical and mental) to HIGH FLYERS GYMNASTICS Inc., which is necessary for the proper gymnastics involvement and care of the above-mentioned child/person. * I hereby authorize basic first aid to be delivered to myself or my child by HIGH FLYERS GYMNASTICS Inc. or other authorities. By administering basic first aid when required or requested, HIGH FLYERS GYMNASTICS Inc. in no way warrants or assumes any liability in relation to the administration of such basic first aid. * I understand and agree that, in the case of an emergency HIGH FLYERS GYMNASTICS Inc. assumes no responsibility or obligations relative to any cost or expense related to carrying out any emergency procedures and/or emergency transportation for myself or my child. * I understand and agree that a portion of the registration fee to HIGH FLYERS GYMNASTICS Inc. is paid to the Ontario Gymnastics Federation (O.G.F.) and is allocated to the annual O.G.F. General Liability Insurance Policy should an injury/accident occur, while a participant at HIGH FLYERS GYMNASTICS Inc. This cost is compulsory cannot be waived. In consideration of your acceptance of my participation and/or of my child’s participation I, intending to be legally bound, do hereby, for myself and/or my child, heirs, executors and administrators waive the right to sue and release forever and discharge any and all rights and claims for losses, damages and/or injuries which I and/or my child may have or may hereafter accrue against HIGH FLYERS GYMNASTICS Inc., or their respective officers, agents, representatives, employees, volunteers, officials, sponsors, directors, agents, coaches, instructors or independent contractors and/or assigns for any losses, damages and injuries which may be sustained and suffered by me and/or my child in connection with our association with or entry in the above athletic activity or which may arise out of our participating in said athletic activity.

    Attendance: 1. Parents are required to contact High Flyers Gymnastics to notify of any absence from the program. If your child is picked up from school, the absence must be reported by 10:00am, well before the school vehicle leaves the gym for after school pick ups. 2. A $20 fee (plus tax) will be applied to your child’s account in the event that an absence is not reported. 3. Absenteeism for any reason does not result in a credit or refund. 4. Absences are to be reported by speaking to our office staff or by leaving a message on our general answering machine or by email. The office number is 905-832-1660 email address is If you are leaving a message/email please state clearly your child’s first and last name, school, bell time and the date and time of your phone call. 5. If you are dropping off your child, parents/guardians are required to sign your child in at the office. At pick up time, parents/guardians are required to sign your child out at the main office. 6. Any person other than a parent/guardian must be pre-authorized by the parent/guardian via letter/email to the program supervisor, with details of the relationship to the student and proof of ID must be provided at the time of pick up. 7. Late pick up fees (per family) are as followed; $1 per minute late. (For ex: 6:07pm arrival=owing $7), late pick up fees will be collected by the office staff member at time of pick up. Please be prepared to pay at pick up. Inclement Weather 1. Due to program enrollment, we currently us the York Region school boards inclement weather guidelines and decisions as our guide in determining whether we will provide transportation and/or the Kids Klub services. 2. In the event that the York Region school busses are not running, the Kids Klub transportation from school will also be cancelled. However, the Kids Klub program will be open if schools remain open. Parents should be aware however, that it is possible there may be a delay in staff arrival time. 3. If the York Region board closes schools due to inclement weather, the Kids Klub after school program will also be cancelled. 4. In the event that the weather conditions worsen through-out the day and we believe the safety of our staff and students may be in jeopardy, parents will be contacted to make arrangements to pick up their children. 5. Notice of any program cancellation will be updated on our answering machine. 6. All coaching staff are fully NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) certified in gymnastics and trampoline and hold current Risk Management Certificates through the provincial federation. 7. All supervisory staff in the gym hold current first aid certifications
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Failure to sign and return this waiver form will result in not being admitted in the gym.